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If no one is there to take my pictureMeditative, repetitive practice is integral to Rebecca Peebles’ work.  Repetitive methods and motifs can achieve meditation’s restfulness and clarity.  The resulting textures, repeated forms, and patterns may provide rest for ones eyes and relief from the complexity of living. 

Various media and processes have a place in Peebles' work because the aformentioned themes are the priority.  Each medium is chosen on a per project basis.  Works express modalities of collecting, replicating and sustained function.  These elements of process are apparent in each finished work, and the active practice of meditation, repeated forms, markings, and images become a script for prolonged contemplation. Concepts as simple as color, composition, and repetition and as complex as ethnic discrimination and material identity are allowed space and time for consideration. 

Awareness for repetition as the thematic fabric of Rebecca’s work started with her training in printmaking and weaving while earning a B.S. in Studio Art at James Madison University in Virginia, USA (2004).  Growth and proliferation of repetitive concepts began with training in meditation practice at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Colorado and Quaker silent meetings in Colorado and Wisconsin.  Time spent at Taliesin and Taliesin West expanded the process of meditative work from an introspective experience to include more extroverted, public works.   Rebecca Peebles now lives and works in Denver, CO.


Rebecca has also kept discourse about her work and inspiration on her blog: