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In June of 2010, Louder Than Words Dance Theatre, under the direction of choreographer Chris Harris, invited me to design and create a costume and/or set piece for their Dance production titled: Dependence Upon Initial Conditions. The dominant theme for the 3 acts was to create a condition under which the dancers had to operate dependently. For Act 1, I designed a costume for the stage - approximately 40' by 30' of stretchable white fabric including sewn-in clothing elements. First initiating a subtle movement without contacting the fabric, the dancers arrived on stage from underneath. Gradually, the dancers push into and move against the fabric, affecting the expanse of movement more dramatically. Eventually, the dancers find elements of clothing (a shirt, pants, a glove) and emerge from under the fabric, through the clothing to above the dynamic surface. The condition of being clothed by an enormous fabric, in which others are also clothed, creates a high-energy tension between dancers and set/costume. The familiar concept of a network between individuals that is always present yet invisible is exaggeratedly visible in this work. Thank you to Chris Harris, Lacey Erb and Whit Ryan for the opportunity to create this work. All photography for this website credited to Ståle Veipe and Louder Than Words Dance Theatre.