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Tinnient Campana refers to the proliferation of ring tones without bells in modern culture. The bell itself, like Latin and other obsolete forms of communication have evolved, is gradually becoming a lesser known object or tool for communication. This sculptural installation of 99 bells engages the viewer's own sensory knowledge and curiosity. To ring a bell is intuitive despite the Bell's ongoing antiquity and gradual obsoletion. Lovely in tactile forms and unique resonances, these bells were individually formed - handcrafted fabrication, antiquated object and outmoded status contrasting our dear cell phones. Tinnient Campana literally means "ring the bell" and our unknowing of that meaning points to contemporary hesitancy in reaching for the bell with intent to ring it. Conversely, there is subtle intuition and tactile knowledge of the instrument. The spatial relationship one has when near a bell can be magnetic as we are drawn to hear its tone and resonance. In all instances of this installation, each bell is completely unique and offers the classically peaceful experience of hearing sound, feeling subtle vibration and encountering a visual syncopation.