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Co Incidence is a site-specific installation and drawing set that references the balancing point. A vague notion, the balancing point or place in the middle, the meeting of the opposites is described by philosopher and psychotherapist, Carl Jung, as the place within the mind where one can become aware of the self as having dualities and experience them simultaneously. The simultaneous recognition for the self as dark and light, as chaos and order, etc. brings into play a balanced state of mind. Exploration of this concept through psychotherapy and further study brought about a great sense of healing for the artist in the wake of a family tragedy. This personal awareness and the experience of a rainbow, a coincidence of opposites, inspired this installation. The horizontal rainbow band extends into all visual space of a public cafe. The referenced horizontal plane lends grounding energy while the iconic rainbow color grouping lends an uplifting energy. Co Incidence of opposites. Self reflection - two self portraits drawn with rainbow gradient skin tone reference the artist's recognition of self balancing through the concept of "Coincidence of the opposites."

Co-Incidence from (Denver, CO) on Vimeo.