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Project Hello 2011 is a 7 hour drawing interpreting the traffic of visitors at Project Hello. Project Hello is an event for artists, designers, musicians, writers and poets to introduce themselves posing the questions: How do you interpret introduction? What does introduction mean to you? Show us how you say hello in your creative voice. Furthermore, Project hello is an event to gather, foster, promote and expose our efforts as the creative community of Denver. This drawing is designed to be an impromptu scatter-plot graph representing each visitor, his/her sex and age, and approximately when she/he arrived. Legend: Red - adult female, Blue - adult male, Yellow - female youth, Green - male youth, White - artist/passing time. The graphing begins at the bottom left corner of the drawing and grows toward the top right corner. Visitors were asked to use the color assigned to their sex and age and color in one rhombus. Beyond the technical representation of the audience, this project reveals some participants' personal expectations for participation. For example, when asked to use blue and color in one shape, a visitor may or may not agree to use blue, and if he does agree, he may decide to draw a picture in the shape. During the process of drawing, the project evolved from a simple introduction into a dialogue of self-assertions, compromise and resolutions.