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Following the completion of Spending Time, it was clear that this meditation on marriage was going to change with time. Spending Time was a recognition for the seconds, minutes... really, the timelessness of time in partnership during a human life. It seemed relevant to take time to meditate, one stitch at a time, on the reality of a lifetime commitment to each other. Spending time, a later realization, was like spending money - understood by living with the artwork and led to a new understanding of richness. This meditation does not end. Five years past Spending Time, the exercise repeats as Know Know. Upon 6 years of marriage, and 13 in partnership, The question of knowing one another was the meditation. Gradually unfolding all misunderstandings of the other's real motivations, needs, dreams and reflected understanding of other became a cascade of mystery and discovery sometimes delightful, sometimes painful. Know, Know has a double entrendre of its own as it appears to affirm and sounds as disappointing as "No, No." The early marriage feelings of dissapointment and disillusionment coupled with a new commitment to always trying, however limited we are, to know, to get to know, to remember that we don't know the true being of the partner. Each stitch as each pixel of the 2016 photograph (by Charlie Smith) gives way to meditate upon the pain of isolation and joy of discovery that comes with mid life. The practice is to stay with the unknowing until it is possible to know.